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If you’re a Colorado sewing professional seeking a professional organization, we’re here for you! As fewer and fewer people know how to sew for themselves, they rely on professional seamstresses to do everything from simple alterations to complete wedding and home décor ensembles and more.

Established in 1997, SRN is where you’ll find friendly sewing professionals engaged in sewing-related businesses. Whether your business is full-time, part-time, new or established, you are welcome here. Discover the many benefits of joining this dynamic organization to help grow your business!

Creations. Camaraderie. Connections. Career.

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SRN has played an integral part in the growth of my custom sewing business. As a professional member, the networking and mentoring opportunities are unbeatable. As a professional seamstress, the SRN member brochure and website have made it easy for new clients to locate me for their custom home décor needs.
-Donna Sproul, Threads Home Décor
These days, ALL of my work comes from this SRN website, or from former clients, or as referrals from my SRN colleagues. It’s the best investment of my “advertising dollar” I could imagine. I’ve been on the Board, which has been a great growing experience, and I go to the monthly meetings, which besides being with some great friends from the last seven years, always offers some new tidbit to help me in my business!
-Marci Heiser, Dramatic Flair

All Associate Member Benefits plus:

  • Annual membership card
  • Strategic retail and trade show marketing
  • Listing in the printed member business directory
  • Online member directory with optional Web-link feature
  • Voting rights within the organization
  • Board position volunteer opportunities
  • Updated internal rosters and resource lists


  • Enlightening, interactive monthly meetings
  • Dynamic and informative guest speakers
  • Proactive networking with other sewing professionals
  • Knowledgeable peer guidance and support
  • Collective brainstorming
  • Informative newsletter
  • Timely sewing event information


The Meeting Dates can be found on the Meetings page.


To protect the reputation and integrity of The Sewing Referral Network, it is understood that all members will conduct their business in an ethical manner. This applies to contracts and agreements with your clients, other professionals, and other members of The Sewing Referral Network. Observation of unethical business practices will result in reconsideration of membership and/or referral status in The Sewing Referral Network.


Membership rates and referral rates are subject to change without notice. Questions or concerns regarding these policies may be presented to the SRN Board.